Thai tourist attraction, feel abroad, beautiful view, lots of photo angles

Hong Kong to Thailand Thai tourist attraction, feel abroad, beautiful view, lots of photo angles Believe that many people would dream of going abroad once in their lives. But when seeing the price of air tickets, hotel accommodation, including various expenses, you have to cut your mind. plus the situation of COVID-19

Causing traveling abroad still have to be careful But you don’t have to travel far because Thailand also has other tourist attractions that feel like foreigners. Believe that it is not too difficult to find a place to travel abroad, take beautiful photos to post on social media.

Where to go if you want to see something strange, new, foreign style, but without having to travel far? Let’s go to a model city. beautiful travel In Thailand that gives a foreign atmosphere.

The Paseo Park, Bangkok
Where should I travel in Thailand that gives a full atmosphere of the land of samurai? Must go to The Paseo Park, which brought 3 eras of Japan to Kanchanaphisek Road. in the suburbs of Bangkok By the theme of building a Japanese model town here, there are 3 prominent periods, namely the Edo period (past), the Heiso period (present), and the city in the future. The Paseo is a good answer to the love of Japanese culture. Because whether it is a decorative architecture from the entrance that lifts the enormous torii column set up Applied Japanese old town style shop building Japanese lanterns hanging along the corridor Including a group of bamboo trees in various points and a Japanese bridge over a small stream Parallel to the shops-restaurants in the inner area And, of course, the restaurants here adhere to the theme of every popular Japanese dish. And topped with a parade of popular international restaurants of Thai people. Well, this weekend is worth exploring a bit.

Ban Rak Thai (Ban Rak Thai)
A tourist attraction that feels like a foreign country at Ban Rak Thai, located at Village No. 6, Mok Champae Sub-district, Mueang District, Mae Hong Son Province. It is a former Yunnan Chinese village. Chinese Nationalist Army (Brigade 93) “Kommintang” here is 1,776 meters above sea level. The scenery of the village is surrounded by mountains and lush greenery. Ban Rak Thai has many activities for tourists to enjoy, such as trekking to study the route with little guides. Horseback riding across the border to Burma Including having an earth house to serve tourists who have to experience nature up close. and also get the atmosphere like a warp to travel to China

Heavenly Dragon Village (Muban Mungkorn Sawan)
Heavenly Dragon Village, a tourist attraction in Suphanburi Province It is located inside the Heavenly Dragon Park. (City Pillar Shrine) and Dragon Descendants Museum Here is a replica of the traditional village of Lijiang. An ancient town over 800 years old, the Heavenly Dragon Village is designed similar to Dayan Old Town. Decorated with authentic Chinese art furniture and decorations. The highlight here is that there is a bridge over a beautiful pond. along with a view tower overlooking the village and Suphan Buri City Pillar Shrine nearby

Pickadaily Bangkok (Pickadaily Bangkok) Bangkok
Another famous community mall in Bangkok. which consists of zones such as restaurants and shops Portobello Market-style supermarket zone, English garden zone and activity area In addition, on weekends there is also a cool outdoor market. In this model town there will be various architecture buildings. It is a village and town in ancient England. Which from the moment you take the first step, it’s like walking back in time to England in the past.

Mimosa Pattaya (Mimosa Pattaya), Chonburi
Colmar’s Pattaya Model Town, a source of lovely old French village-style houses. Destination is the dream destination of many Thai people. which if any of you are not ready to go and prove the real place In Thailand, there is a model city of Colmar for you to experience the atmosphere for an appetizer first. Mimosa Pattaya is filled with candy-colored buildings, beautiful gardens and canals that wind through a village where flocks of ducks swim.