Wander around Chatuchak Weekend Market, Bangkok

Wander around Chatuchak Weekend Market, Bangkok flights from singapore to bangkok Chatuchak Weekend Market is one of the largest and most popular markets in Thailand. It is well known to both Thais and foreigners. The reputation here is world famous. Because here is a large market that gathers almost all types of products. To meet the needs of consumers who visit a variety of life styles there. in Chatuchak Park There are both market zones. and public park zone

What are the markets selling? Anyone who likes to walk around Chatuchak Park until becoming a gardener may already know which zone is the location of what kinds of shops. Because here they will divide into zones orderly. There will be some mix-ups that don’t fit into the group, but it’s a minority. If you don’t have information about which zone sells what, you’re guaranteed to walk until you’re tired and might not find what you like. Because Chatuchak has up to 30 projects, more than 10,000 shops

What’s inside Chatuchak Market? Let which line get some shopping? You can follow along with a shortcut to get there. If you are a person who loves secondhand vintage clothes. Let me tell you that this place is considered the 7th heaven for you. but like that It is reputed that second-hand cloth has good eyes and bad eyes. Some of them seem to have no price. But when checking the legend and the price that people in the vintage shirt industry Popular to play Let me tell you that I feel rich as soon as I own it. because some can be sold for a long life

or if anyone who likes fashion clothes or even a variety of colorful tie-dye fabrics Here they have many shops to choose from together. There are many styles for both men and women. It’s a simple t-shirt. Or whether it’s a fashion style shirt, a neckline, a single line, a stylish hat, or even a chic handkerchief. Here you can choose as you like. plus the lowest price starting at the last ten digits only The more you buy, the cheaper it is.

You can find shopping activities suitable for their age for them to do. Just leave them in the crockery shop. Guaranteed that from complaining because of waiting for a long time It will become fun and exciting. because Chatuchak There are a lot of beautiful patterned crockery shops that mothers and grandmothers like. Ensure that taking them to walk in Chatuchak It won’t make you bored for sure. There are both Benrong patterns. Legendary chicken bowl

On Sunday, there is a new zone that opens on weekdays like Mix Chatuchak Shopping Mall. The advantage is that we can come to shop at Chatuchak Weekend Market here as well without having to wait only on Saturday-Sunday. It is also convenient with more than 700 parking spaces and more than 500 shops for us to choose from, including street fashion, minimal fashion, clothes for young men and women, and hipsters to choose from. store As for a great restaurant with delicious taste in the heart of Chatuchak.