Yaowarat Restaurant Eat in the morning until evening Cool, famous throughout the area!

Flights from Hong Kong Yaowarat Restaurant Eat in the morning until evening Cool, famous throughout the area! Invite your foodie friends to come together at Yaowarat, the source of famous restaurants. An old food shop that has been open for decades. This time, it’s highlighted. Let me tell you that each restaurant tastes really delicious. Take you to eat delicious food throughout the day, breakfast – late night, are there any restaurants? And don’t forget to invite your friends and family to eat at Yaowarat area together. How will you be able to choose from many restaurants?

1. Noodle Nai Ek, Chinatown, Bangkok
Let’s start with a great restaurant, a famous and legendary restaurant like the shop. Noodles Nai Ek Kuay Jub, a clear soup with mellow taste, with a fragrant, peppery soup, the restaurant’s special recipe. And of course, this place is not only good at Kuay Jab but also has many great dishes. Whether it’s crispy pork rice, red pork rice, roasted pork ribs, pork legs, stewed duck, stewed bamboo pulp with Chinese medicine. Stewed duck with pickled lime squash Let me tell you that every menu is really cool. Nai Ek Guay Jub also received a Michelin Star guarantee of deliciousness. So how can everyone miss this? Come to Yaowarat next time, don’t miss it. Let’s taste the deliciousness at Nai Ek Noodles.

2. Emerald red pork rice, Chinatown, Bangkok
Emerald red pork rice An old restaurant that has been open for more than 70 years. Anyone who likes to eat red pork coming to Chinatown must not miss this restaurant. Because the restaurant’s red pork is a special recipe that is grilled over charcoal, giving it a special aroma. enough to eat with hot steamed rice Topped with red pork rice sauce. Very satisfying. Being a legendary restaurant like this, definitely not only good at red pork, I would say that the crispy pork rice is also outstanding. The more you can eat it with stewed duck soup, pickled lime, or bitter gourd soup with pork ribs, complete with delicious recipes. I can assure you that you won’t find this kind of taste anywhere else, you just have to come to the emerald red pork rice.

3. Jay Da Pickled Crayfish – Pickled Crab, Chinatown, Bangkok
Jay Da Kung Khai Pickled – Crab Khai Pickled, a delicious pickled crab egg restaurant that has been selling for more than 50 years, located at the old Yaowarat market. In front of Soi Yaowarat 11, in front of Thong Thongbai shop Notice the red shop sign. Anyone who likes to eat pickled crab eggs can tell that this restaurant is really cool. Large size crabs have eggs, all eaten with the restaurant’s special sauce, guaranteed deliciousness. can go down Really cool, confirmed

4. Jay Ben Ngao Fried Noodles, Chinatown, Bangkok
Let’s come to Sai Kin Sen with Jae Ben, Ngae fried noodles. that has been open for more than 40 years, must try the recommended menu Stupid stir-fried noodles, large noodles, bouncy pork, marinated chicken and stir-fried prawns together that smell wonderfully roasted in a pan. The more you eat with the restaurant’s three-flavoured sauce, it’s really cool. Or who will order other menus? There are also options to choose from, including fried Hong Kong noodles. Stir Fried Shanghai Sauce mixed roasted noodles Grad Na Seafood Hot Pot Stir-fried vermicelli with spices and suki. Say that noodle lovers must not miss to try Jay Ben. Stir-Fried Noodles Anyone who can’t find the shop, remember easily that the shop is at Odeon Yaowarat Circle Soi 1, located next to 7-Eleven.